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Our professional post-editing services are undertaken by experienced copy-editors and proofreaders working only in their mother tongue. Our services include:


the correction and standardisation of spellings;


the standardisation of style and usage, using either client-supplied style information or the Oxford Style Manual;


the standardisation of punctuation;


copy-editing the text for clarity;


copy-editing and correcting machine-translated texts;


formatting the finished document, using either client-supplied formatting instructions or our own in-house style sheets, which include font selection and sizing;

* post-editing for American English texts and the conversion of British English texts to American English using The Chicago Manual of Style. American English post-editing is done by mother tongue American English speakers only;
* post-editing for French texts, using the appropriate French language style guides. French post-editing is done by mother tongue French speakers only.

All post-editing is carried out under the direction of Fiona White

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Version: December 2012