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About PMPublications

who we are and what we do

PMPublications was set up in 1994 to provide professional editorial, post-editorial, and pre-publication support services to writers and publishing businesses. Most of our work is in the field of technical reports, non-fiction, academic (including dissertations and theses), and fiction.

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Statement

PMPublications recognises that all its clients have the right to have access to any of their personal or commercial information restricted to those who have obtained permission.

Personal or commercial information about clients or belonging to clients, obtained by PMPublications in the pursuit of its normal business activities, will, therefore, be considered confidential and will only be made available to authorised personnel within the business or to anyone specifically authorised by the client to receive it.

Information will not be sold or made available to third parties.

PMPublications retains the right to use any information it holds to further and deepen the relationship between the business and its clients.

PMPublications operates by a strict code-of-conduct.

Version: December 2012